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Parineetha Krishnakumar

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The theme of our Golu is "pancha bhutas". The five elements of nature.
(Steps from bottom to top)

First step: Earth represents "Humility"
This is demonstrated by people praying to Lord Ganesha, Panduranga & Rukmini devi,Annamalayar and Unnamalai amman near Arunachala mountain and seeking their blessings.

Second step : Fire represents "Promise & Purity"
The newly wed couple go around the fire seven times as a symbol of promise and purity for seven lives.

Third step : Water represents "Fluidity"
Lord Ram went with the flow and took the help of vanara sena who enjoyed the process of building the bridge to cross the ocean of difficulties.

Fourth step - Vayu represents "Life"
Hanuman chanted Ram in every breath and brought sanjeevani to protect Lakshmana. We also have vahanas like helicopter, drone and eagle that function due to the wind.

Fifth step:-Space represents "Infinite"
The various avatars of Lord Vishnu that descend from the sky to show their boundless grace on us.

People start from earth and go up the mountain 5200 feet high with a fire-like will power, to quench their thirst for peace and happiness, by chanting "Jai Mata Di" in every breath towards the Sky/Space to see maa Shakthi who is above all..

Inside the guha you can see the devi on the top and she has manifested in three different forms (pindams) as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

Jai Mata Di!

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