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Nithya K

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Hello All,

Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform to share our Golu celebration of our houses.

Navarathri Golu is one of the famous festivals which is celebrated across India. From my childhood, I have always waited for this festival, to buy different types of idols and create different themes in our Golu every year.

We always have the pleasure of visiting family and friend’s houses to enjoy the different creative works done.

As a working professional, like every other Women it will be difficult to balance both professional and excitement of keeping Golu at home. I thoroughly enjoyed doing both as I planned things well in advance before the Navarathri began, in terms of putting a throught process to create a theme based Golu and also buying gifts for family and friends who visits our house during Navarathri time

Generally Golu steps are kept in odd numbers and this time I have made it to 7 steps which has the following:

The Topmost step has all the tall idols which signifies that our aim should always be high (“SKY IS THE LIMIT”)

The below two steps has idols like: PanchaMukha Anjaneyar, Vittala Ragumayi, Suruttapalli Shiva and Ambal etc, which depicts the power, courage and strength to face hard times of life.

The next two steps has idols like: 6 famous temples of lord Muruga, Kalyanam set, Raja rajeshwari darbar and Kailasam set.

The other two steps has idols like: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Chettiar amma, Chettiar appa and other gurus.



This theme depicts the entire life span of Krishna right from his childhood face till his friendship with Sudhama.


This theme depicts few stories from Ramayana like: Tataka vadham, Ramar Guhan friendship, Ramar sethu Palam and Ashwamedha Yagna.


This theme depicts a wonderful process of farming like: Soil preparation, Sowing, Manuring, Irrigation, Weeding, Harvesting and Storage of them with the use of Tractor.


This theme depicts the prayer to Sun God from the Farmer’s family for a successful harvest.

I also have an ancient and traditional idols set which is 50 years old from Khaadi: Alamaram set which depicts the sanctity of a praying the tree and the three Nagarajas.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my Golu celebrations with you all.

Happy Navarathri 😊to all!

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