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Nirmala Krishnakumar

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Wish you all Happy Navaratri – Jai Mata Di

We keep every year Golu during this amazing festival and we try to organize the dolls into a theme. This year our Golu theme is “Science Mythology”.
I will take you through the various sequences of our Golu. I have a passion of collecting Ganpathi idols and this first Golu at our house entrance is “Ganesha Golu”.
This is a decoration at the entrance and we enter, with our Theme as Title displayed with story lines of the theme.
Going in further, you can see Tirupathi Balaji “Garuda Sevai”
Here we have created 5 Scientific facts found in our Mythology.
1) It is believed that in one of these verses of Hanuman Chalisa, Tulasidas had given an accurate calculation of the distance between the Sun and Earth.
Hanuman, in his childhood, assuming the Sun to be a ripe mango, jumped to catch it. Tulasidasa recounts this incident in his Hanuman Chalisa as follows:
“yuga-sahasra-yojana para bhanu
leelyo tahi madhura phala janu”

2) Flying Vimanas
The more advanced form of Airplanes and rockets were used by the characters of Indian Mythology.
Eg. Pushpaka vimana

3) Organ Transplants
When Shiva chopped of Lord Ganesha’s head, it was replaced by the head of an elephant.
4) Ramasethu Bridge
The most advanced engineering methodologies were used in constructing this bridge during the era of Ramayana. When Lord Rama was heading to Lanka to rescue Sita, he installed huge floating stones in the deep sea and formed a bridge.

5) Live streaming
Dhritarashtra, the king of Hastinapur was blind and wanted to see the happenings of the great war, Mahabharata. Hence, Lord Krishna gifted Sanjay his attendant with the power to see the war sitting in the palace. He could see whomever and whatever he wanted and described it to Dhritarashtra

Then we move towards our interesting arrangements involving our children, creating “Namma Mylapore”. In this neighborhood, Mylapore Theppa Kulam, Kapali Temple, vendors around the temple tank, food joints, School, etc

Then we have kept an arrangement with miniature replica of our traditional vessels

Finally, here comes our “Traditional Golu”. These dolls are collection of more than 70 years, many dolls had been used by grandmother who then handover to mother and in turn my mother has given to me. Also we have collected dolls at various traditional places over the years.

This is a happy festival we look for every year where we get the blessings of Devi. And we meet and greet our friends and relatives.

Jai Mata Di

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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