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Nalini Ganesan

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In an ever changing world in today's context, continuous synchronization of self with nature and culture is a necessity. As we celebrate Navarathri with Kolu and friends / relatives around, we take pleasure in connecting this theme to our lives.

The five faces (phases) - Mukham - of our day to day life is well knit in this kolu.

After the customary welcome and prayers to Lord Ganesha in various and lively forms, the 1st Mukha of Kolu unfold - Joyful and who else than Radha Krishna and his leelas can be better exponent of this facet.
The 2nd Mukha draws energy to our life - the Shakthi from all the devis and this is the underlying facet of Navarathri too.
The 3rd Mukha brings livelihood to the fore and nothing more than our day to day market place with all professions and people help us to portray this.
Tradition is beautiful and the conventional 9 step kolu displays this facet as the 4th Mukha.
The 5th Mukha - reminds us to lead a righteous life and Lord SitaRam, his life teaches us this value to the best.

Thus, while celebrating the fun and culture in colourful ways, we all dedicated ourselves to the key Mukhas of day to day life in this Kolu.

Nalini Ganesan, as an introduction, has been setting up themed kolus for over 2 decades in Dubai and Singapore. This is the first kolu back home in india and we are happy to be showcasing our culture and traditiion while reiterating our key values as our embodiments.

Happy Navarathri to all, God Bless

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