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Mithra Hemanth

Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3


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We r keeping golu in our home for more than 45 years,This year I have done 3 concepts.
1. Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai ambal along with Meganathaswamy
Ambal in Nei Kula dharisanam as it is done in temple on Vijaya Dasami here instead of ghee i jabe kept mirror, Meganathaswamy gave sabha vimochan to sooryan in this temple.
2. Chandrayan successful mission and related to chandramandala mathyastha line in Lalitha sahasra namam.
3. Dhasaavatharam deities along with Lakshmi in respective avatharam except macham ,koormam and parasuramar avatharam....(names of Lakshmi included)
We will also put rangoli related to navratri on all 9 days ...this day rangoli with items we give in tamboolam.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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