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Manasi Sridhar

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Our Golu this year is based on my little collection over the last 8 years. Every year I think about what to add and what would represent our Indian culture, traditions and mythology.
This year, I have arranged 3 steps.
Top step represents our Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Devi Durga is my inspiration and the Golu is complete for my only with Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati. I also worship Rama, Shiva and Balaji. All these dolls that you see are handmade. I love to lead a sustainable life, so my dolls are handmate with cotton so they can last longer, or with wood (Kondapalli dolls).

The Second step captures our cultures. Various Dances of India (Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, Kuchupudi, Manipuri, Bhangra, etc), and a set of musicians that go along with the dances. The centre piece in the 2nd step is a set of Puri Jagannath. This deity is my mother's favorite and I always want to retain memories and emotions, so this was my centre piece. Behind that is our traditional Marapachis. It is said that we start our Golu with placing the Marapachis first.

The bottom step, I have created a mini village scene with Chettiyar and Chettichi (papier maché dolls) selling Rice and Sentils, along with women of the village selling flowers, churning curd, making turmeric paste, having, etc.

Around the Golu, there is green as plants are a big source of energy for me, a kolam and a kuthu velaku symbolizing brightness and prosperity.

In general, I love to have this feminine energy fill up around the house as me and my husband have a 4 year old boy. This year is even morning special as I have a 4 month old baby girl at home now :) So Devi Durga has nourished us with all Her energy.

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