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Manasa S

Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3


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Radhe krishna,

I'm manasa from tnagar. We have been keeping golu for 10 years now. This year our theme for the golu is TIRUPATHI.

The Amman that is right in front of the golu is a kodam with saree draped on it. Amman's hands were made by us using cloth stitched and stuffing cotton inside. Amman's jadai is also handmade by plaiting wollen thread and stitching a patch work on top of that for Jada.

The mountains(3 in number) are all handmade with newspaper, fevicol and tissue paper which was later painted.

The pond near the mountain has been made using thermocol and cut to make, patterns like that of a mountain and later painted. It is filled with water and flowers.

There is a small village kind of set up in front of the pond. The bullock cart has been made by us using ice cream sticks.

The waterfall is made by us using thermocol and it is a live model. A pump has been used to make the water fall from the top. It is decorated using stones, flowers, plastic plants and small gem like stones. Natural plants have been used to give it a realistic feel. The waterfall works when plug is switched onn.

The brindavan fence was made by an old box material and the pond in brindavan was made with thermocol and plastic sheet.

Then we have couple of marriages going on near the waterfall, whose fences are handmade using icecream sticks.

Adjacent to it there is Kovil kolam which is again handmade using thermocol and painted using markers and paint. Plastic sheet has been stuck over it to give it a feel of water.

Adjacent to it we find tiruchanur which was made by taking printout of a temple sticking over thermocol. The mandapam was made with charts, boxes, thermocol and Lego. Below the mandapam there is a small hill which is again handmade using newspaper, tissue and fevicol.
A statue of thaayyar has been placed inside the mandapam.
The mountain above is also handmade as mentioned earlier.

The tirupati setup has two gopuram like structures both being handmade.

The steps that pave way for the entrance is made using thermocol.
The kodimaram is made using cardboard , toothpick and charts.
The Kovil charriot is also handmade using straw, cardboard wollen thread.
The gopuram made in the front has been made by taking a print of the temple on a sheet and making a 3d gopuram to stick over the same.
The fences are made by us using cardboard.
The second gopuram is also a handmade temple by us purely out of thermocol.

Ragi seeds have been sprinkled over the sand here and there to give a grass feel.
The grasses seen near fences in tirumala, brindavan, village are all handmade using colour papers.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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