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Malathi Murali

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Thank you all for giving me this wonderful opportunity to displace my Golu 2021 in this forum.
#Golu_@_our 🏡.
My most favourite time of the year and one of the Good tradition that I have learnt from my Mother,Paati nd Gr8 Grand ma and practice till date and taken forward to my next Generation 😍😍 !!!!!!.Most of the Bhommai have been handed over to me by my mother.My Granny to my mother and my Gr8 Grand ma to my Granny.....My Father is 82 yrs,so juz think of my Dolls Age😁😁
Navrathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts in this 🌎. In South India Navrathri is celebrated by keeping Bhommai golu that is showcase Dolls that tells different stories from our epics and puranas.It is our creativity and imagination that brings life to our Golu Dolls.

I am very much attracted with this festival from my childhood days and will be waiting for this festive the whole year. It is always a nostalgic moment for me as I always remember how we used to celebrate this festival. As We stayed in a colony in Guindy and I very well remember my mom used to dress 3 of us in different costumes everyday and we would go to every house ,sing a song and collect bag full of sundal😁

🤝🤝Golu is Just another means of thickening the bondage with our Relatives and friend's families and also connecting with like minded people🤝🤝

Navaratri Wishes to all the members here.👪 May Maha Shakthi shower Good Health , wealth and happiness Abundantly to all of you... kindly accept my E Thambhoolam🙏

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