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Malarvizhi Muthuswamy

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A Warm note of Welcome to all for our Golu in "MEENU ILLAM". Every year Our Golu is planned in such a way to impart our tradition to the current generation.Few of our glimpses of our Golu Themes, India 2020, Miniature model of Coimbatore, Krishna Leela, Lakshmi Varalaru, Athivarathar, "SENTAMILNADU". Navarathri Varalaru.
This year our golu theme is "Thiruvilayadal" which reflects the historical background,cultural importance,traditional stories of Lord Shiva which is depicted in the Tamil literature. We have arranged models depicting four important stories highlighting the importance of Lord Shiva in Tamilnadu.
1. Model of Kailash Mountain
2. Tharumi Nakkerar story
3. Hemanantha Bhagavadhar Story
4. Model of Potramaikulam in Madurai
5.Shiva Parvathi Marriage
6. Dhatchayini Story
7. Gnanapazham Story.

Every year we invite people in our locality offer prasadha according to tradition, children family members who come for Golu feel so happy as they get new informations and stories related to Navarathri.

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