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Mahalakshmi Varaprasad

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Happy Navaratri to all..!

Our Golu is on the concept of "Connect to the Divinity and feel the Permanent Bliss"..!

We have our 5 steps Traditional Golu.

Other sets :

1)Lalitha Devi and Devas.
2)Mysore Dasara..
3)Chidambaram Natiyanjali
4)Palani Kavadi
5)Great Carnatic Composers (Mumoorthigal, Purandarasar with Udupi Krishna and Bhadrachala Ramadas with Bhadrachala Ramaa,Seetha and Lakshman)
6)Bengali Marriage
7)Transformation of Chattiyar & Chattichi as Chess Champions in 44th Chess Olympiad.

Golu Video:
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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