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Madhura Jayasingam

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Sri Lanka

I have been setting up golu from 2015. Started as a stress buster.. but with time I have really loved doing it.. it really gives an opportunity for me to learn..
There are two sets of golu one is traditional golu with gods and other statues. in that I have added some unique Srilankan crafts and some crafts resembling all over the world.
Second one is creative golu which has my own creativity in it..
Amman alangaram, Sivan amman Vilakku alangaram , dolls are decorated as Durga lakashmi and saraswathi, there are stages of women life household works, wedding valikappu, thulasi arathi etc.. I couldn’t place the dolls will come into the golu next year will be woman in different field other than home..
In right side there is a kailaya setting ashtalakashmi, mahavishnus kurma avatar.
Left side the 4 saints of saivism is placed..

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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