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Lakshmi Krishnan

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United States

Golu 2022

Our golu theme for this year, 2022, has 4 sections.
The Main golu has 9 steps. In step 1 (Top) Siva and Parvathi are accompanied by 75 year old Bharatha Mata and Lord Vishnu with Sri Devi and Bhodevi on Garuda. Steps 2-7 are mostly organized with Siva and Vishnu forms and Step 8 has the dolls from Chennapatna and regular Chettiar shop.

The second set of steps are dedicated for Brahmotsavam in Tirumala with the 10 different vahana on which God Venkateswara will come in procession during Brahmotsavam.

The third section is dedicated to God Muruga/Karthikeya/Shanmuga. This portrays the Kailasa parvatha, the birth of God Muruga after burning Kaama. The fire from God Shiva falls into Saravana Poigai and God Muruga is born as 6 children, brought up by 6 Karthigai pengal. This also contains the “Arupadai Veedu” - 6 abodes of God Muruga. Swamimali, Palani, Tiruchendur, Tiruparam Kundram, Tiruthani and Pazhamudhir Solai – which depicts the 6 important life events of God Muruga. They are placed in geographical locations in Tamil Nadu (not to scale)

The fourth and final section is dedicated to Goddess Durga Devi. Durga Devi is blessing and protecting sitting on her lion with her 4 hands having Changu, Chakram, Sword and Soolam.

May Goddes Durga and all deities bless everyone.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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