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Lakshanaagamya Y G

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I remember from my childhood days, at my parents place , we keep Golu, a house full. Every year we planned one theme, and in every theme there was a village and farm land . We believe that, villages and Farmlands are our country’s soul and life.
After my marriage in 2016, I carried the tradition of keeping Golu, to my in-laws place. My first independent Golu was at the USA in 2016 and then I continued keeping it every year as applicable.
This year is a special Golu as we have Maa Durga (my 15 month old daughter) at our home. We planned the theme of Krishnaleela on one side and Madhurai Meenakshi’s kingdom on other side and a complete farm and village on the third side!
The preparations started from one month before where we taught my daughter that Golu dolls are Gods and she should not disturb the exhibit. She learnt so much in the two weeks that, when the real Golu started, she would sit near the Golu exhibit, fold her hands for prayer and then do a Namaskaram and walk away with that proud smile!
The Golu begins with the Ambal decorated in Kuthuvilakku, Kalasam for Nithya pooja & Ayyapan malai irumudikattu for pooja!
On the left corner side decor is Madurai , where Meenakshi’s Thiru Kalyanam happens and the Mother comes in the ther / temple car through the town of Madurai. Lots of temples, homes, shops are kept. Since Madurai is also known for green cultivation, we have farm lands towards the outskirts.
The Centre is the 7 step Golu with all dolls. While some dolls go back a few decades ago (I am 6th gen using the doll) some are as recent as one year old! Ragaumayi Vittal, Anjeneyar, dasavatharam, Ashtalakshmi set, Arupadai veedu, thiruvilakku poojai set are some 60 years old!
On to the right side , we have created a Nandha Gokulam, where Krishnar is brought by Vasudevar, and Krishnar performs all naughtiness! The Krishnaleela ends with KamsaVadham and Krishna relaxing with Radha!
This is followed by a typical gramam or village, where you find tea shops in which men read papers and talk, there is a “kinathumedu” where women wash clothes, chitchatting. Small shops, roadside hotels, “kuzhayadi”, homes and houses, farmers ploughing and many typical village scenes!
Hence this year I am registering with my daughter’s name!

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