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Krithika Govindarajan

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Since 2006, the year I got married, I have been keeping Golu. In fact before marriage too, it was a tradition followed at my parent's home. I eagerly look forward to the festival every year as it brings in so much joy, festive mood and an occasion to meet and greet dear ones.
This year we had set up 2 stands, ladder style and semi-circular. The Krishna avatar sets, Rama Avatar sets served as a theme for 2nd and 3rd steps.
The complete Brahmotsavam set was set up separately beside the Tirupati set in a semi-circular stand.
From the Mahabharata, we had Game of dice, Drupadi vastraharan, Pandavas in Agyatvas, Bheema Garva Bhangam and Vishwaroopa darshan.
And a city, forest theme by the kids. City life on one side and jungle/forest life on the other side. Barricaded by a check post with jeep safari option.
All sets fitted with lights, diyas and LEDs to bring out the exuberance. We had the complete hall of our home dedicated for the Golu.

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