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Kirthika Muthu

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Our Golu is both traditional and thematic Golu. This is my 12th year of keeping Golu after marriage. From childhood I wait for this Navratri season to go see Golu in all houses and enjoy the stories. This created a passion me to keep Golu in an expressive manner. Collecting dolls from year 1 and with the dolls of my mother in law and her mother in law, this year our Golu has occupied the entire hall. First and foremost is our traditional Golu, we have 7th steps with Kalasam and God dolls, Vinayagar,Lakshmi, Saraswati,Durgai,Dasavatharam,Astalakshmi and Marapachi bommai with paligai and maa kolam. The unique dolls in the steps are Sivan family with Balambigai, Srivaliputtur andal, Gangai matha and Tavalum pillayar(crawling Ganesha), Maya baazaar. That is also a big cow with calf in front of our Golu that represents my husband's love for cows and Annamalair Unnamalai Amman depicting my son's love for Lord Siva.
360 degree Golu or "Kadhai sollum golu"(Story telling golu) in which dolls are kept in all direction depicting the stories of God. Krishna Leela, Abirami pattar, Kannapan,Mavadi ambigai, kanagathara stotram, Karanan kavasa kundalam are some of the stories in the "Kadhai sollum golu"(Story telling golu)
Apart from this we have Chidambaram Natarajar, Trivandrum Padmanatha Swami, Tirupathi Perumal with Sridevi Boodevi and Kuladeviam temple miniature(handmade)
Apart from this there are other stories like Manunedhi Chozhan, Naradhar kalagam and small village set up in park. Stories like this make kids interested in visiting golu. This year, it was my son who was more interested to explain and share our Golu with you. This is my second time participation in Saptavarna Golu contest.Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Hope you like our Golu. Happy Navaratri.

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