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K Shanthi Kannan

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Describing our Golu -2022

Traditional & Concept of our Golu - 2022 :

1. Display of Andal – “ Soodikodutha Sudarkodi “ in Traditional Golu:-
- Our Golu made envisaging the story of Andal – “ Soodikodutha Sudarkodi “ which is beautiful and self explanatory, her pining and longing to unite with her lover lord and the final fulfillment of her desire.

2. In our Concept Golu, Create awareness on importance of healthy
Food (Unave Marunthu – Marunthe Unavu) :-
- In order to create the awareness to the golu viewers on importance of healthy food culture to be followed, a small display on various benefits of fruits and vegetables also is made. When we take food in proper manner it helps to increase immunity and strength to fight diseases.

3. Display Buddha quotes in front of statue. (Gautama Buddha )

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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