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Juwala Padma Lakshminarayanan

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United States

Golu has been a tradition in our family for more than a hundred years. My childhood quarterly holiday evenings have been filled with smells of Sundal , sights of stacked up dolls and sounds of neighborhood Akka's singing bhajans and songs. Though I miss our 100 year old dolls, we have attempted our best to deck up our Golu from a creativity stand point. The sideshow of our Golu, the mountain, the theatre and stores and shops are often the best part. This year we have represented the optimistic return to normalcy after the last few years of tumultuousness.

Our Main Golu has 9 steps featuring our usual favourite dolls such as Venkateswara, Alamelu thayar , Arupadai veedu (Karthikeya set), Venkateswara kalyanam, Dasaavataram and Ashta lakshmi set. This year we have also added Ahobila Narasimaha set, Sapta kannikas and Ashta bairavar set. We also have our two new favorite Kumkuma amman and little Krishna and Aandal dolls.

Our Side Golu is peaked by a handmade mountain and a main street with its own theatre (aldie Cinemas) where we have released Ponniyin selvan. We also have a fast food store outside the theatre. We have a baloon shooting store with miniature ballons to evince memories of our very own Marina beach (Chennai). Following that up is our Thatha Pathi restaurant to let kids know about our forgotten menu (manathakalli keerai thani charu and avairi kudumu roti to name a few).

We also have a "Just Relax" lounge where Spouses can be dropped off to relax and learn life skills at "Ladoo art gallery and life skill books" store. We have exclusive collection of books including titles like " How to Survive your wife during Covid" and "How to appear busy during WFH". All of this can be done while your Other half shops at the "Ladoo Mart" next door, where you can buy apparently buy anything under the sun (Including unicorns!!).

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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