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Jayasri Ravi

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Respected Madam/Sir,

I would like to participate in Chancey-illa Golu Contest 2023.
My main theme is About Narayana By Narayana and other themes are Saichatcharitha, Sorga Vasal Sri Ranganathar Temple etc etc. Below are my details :
Name : Jayasri Ravi
Contact No.9444656177
Location : Besant Nagar, Chennai
Description : About Lord Narayana by Sri Narayana
Divine Origin of Narayaneeyam:
According to legends, Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri was born around 1560 in Kerala. He had a Guru "Achyuta pisharadi" who fell and suffered unbearable pain. Bhattathiri desired to find a cure for his guru and prayed for the disease to be transferred to himself, freeing his Guru from suffering. Bhagavan Krishna granted Bhattachari his wish and he soon became crippled.
Once , when Bhattathiri , unable to move, was carried into the Guruvayur Temple, he met Tunchath Ezhuthachan, the eminent Malayalam poet who advised Bhattathiri that he could be cured if he "began his treatment with fish".(meen thottu thudangu). Being a devout Hindu, his disciples could not understand the meaning of the statement but Melpathur understood what Ezhuthachan really meant that he would be cured if he could compose a hymn glorifying the incarnation of Lord Vishnu commencing with Matsya(Fish).
Accordingly, he started composing Sreeman Narayaneeyam by reciting one dasaka, consisting of miimum ten verses, every day. The legend has it that after 99 dasakas, Bhagavan Guruvayoorpan had appeared before him and on the 100th day he wrote about the glorious vision of the Lord in the form of Venugopala after which he was cured of his ailment. In the 100th canto, the poet has named this work as Narayaneeyam because is is about Lord Narayana and his own name is Narayana. From the word Ayurarogyasaukkyam appearing at the end of the 100th dasaka, scholars have worked out the date of completio of Narayaneeyam as 28th day of the Malayalam month of Vrichikam is celebrated as Narayaneeyam Dhinam. The 100th dasaka is the narration of Bhagavan from head to foot and it is believed that careful recitation of Narayaneeyam is a panacea for all ailments. The expression Hantha!Bhagyam Jananaam!comprising the last owrds of the opening sloka has become the watchword of Guruvayoor.
Following is the summary of main benefits from chanting or listening to Narayaneeyam :
* Blessed with long life and fame
* Attain high position and wealth
* Gain problem solving skills and victory
* Get rid of fear and attain salvation
Narayaneeyam has many avatars..main is Krishna Leela. About Narayana ..we have explained about gGuruvayur temple and rituals ..By Narayana we have Krishna Leela..HIS birth, leela etc etc.
Please note that golu pic will be sent via phone.
Please ackowledge.

Thanks & Regards
Jayasri Ravi

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Golu Photo 3
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