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Jayalakshmi Badrinarayanan

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Our House Miraculous Cosmic Kolu Theme : "Jagat Tejas"

The Mystical Miraculous Mahamayi Cave Temple Kolu is a One can feel the Gigantic Cosmic Energy in this Cave Temple Kolu.

This is the highly Creative & Energetic Kolu, where one can receive divine energy during their stay in the Cave temple. This year Kolu is based on the ultimate life concept called “Jagat Tejas - Cosmic Radiance".

This life transforming Mahamayi Cave Temple koli has been created by Jayalakshmi & Badri Narayanan of K.K.Nagar with divine passion for over 2 months from their 40 years of Mystical Collections. We are keeping Golu from 1992 (of course our parents were keeping before that)

One can see vast displays of 1000 of Lingams- Saligramam- Rudrakshas - Mystical mind-boggling Crystals- Crystal Rocks - Huge Conches - Shells and other miraculous natural things. One also sees Brass, Stone, wooden & clay Idols. Pyramids, Vishnu chakras, Very small idols. One can also receive energy from Rudraksha mountain, Katpakaviruksham, Rainbow Crystal lingam, Narmada lingam, Siva sakthi lingam, Bamboo Kalabhairava, colourful snakes and many more.

The precious collections of mystical crystals, Clusters, gem stones etc from beneath the earth and Conch, shells, Pearl, stones etc from Deep Ocean, Karma Purifier Fire, energy awareness from space and Cosmic Sound, Light & Vibration from cave; establishes the ultimate fact that if one sense creations of cosmos (Mahasakthi) has so much grace and energy on 1 sense things; than what would be the supremacy of six sense humans!

Any one who has faith in Sakthi will receive her anugraham here. So this Sacred Cosmic Kolu provides an opportunity for one and all (families) to Realise their real essence of life and to attain Eternal Bliss. All are welcome.

To visit Kolu in Chennai Contact 9551555898 & be blessed.

Jayalakshmi Badri Narayanan
BP8, Landmark metropolis apartment, bharatidasan nagar, k.k.nagar Chennai

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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