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Janaki Kannan

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United States

We have been displaying golu for 30 years.

Our golu is a combination of traditional dolls and my own handmade dolls.

Highlights of my handmade dolls are:
1. Marapachi dolls hand decorated with stones.
2. Wooden chariot for Lord Surya with rainbow colored horses.
3. Annamalayar and Unnamalai Amman with 31 Nayanmargal (woollen)
4. Devi Durga and Mahishasura and Sumbha Nishumba stories. (clay)
5.Ayyanar (clay).

Our theme this year is the depiction of 5 land and water forms as described in Tamil Sanga Ilakkiyam (Kurinji - mountain, Mullai- forest, Marutham - Agriculture land, Paalai- Desert, and Neythal - sea and Coastal areas).

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