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indhu muthukrishnan

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We have been keeping Golu for over 20 years now.
The theme we have chosen is Bhakti, we depict this in two different ways

1.यत्र भक्त: तत्र भगवान् : Wherever there is a bhakta, bhagavan will be there. We have 14 such bhaktha - bhagavan pairs

2. We take you through the bhakti maargam and land in pandharpur to get a glimpse of bhaktha vijayam devotees.

Some unique features i
> we have not used anything unnatural in this Golu, no thermocol, no rangoli powder etc etc. Even the name holders are only using paper clips.

> we have a nutty ganesha depiction

> a unique chetti chettichi display where they have kept up with times as you'll see in the video.

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