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Hemalatha Chandrasekaran

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United States

Namaskaram, Happy Navaratri!

My Golu is a small and a compact one. This is the 2nd year I’ve kept the Golu by myself. Earlier I used to keep in India with my family. I’ve 2 daughters and to safekeep Jaganmaatha from my lil ambaals, I’ve kept inside their playpen. So, basically you can imagine our ambals exchanged their places. :)

I’ve tried to stick to the Golu rules such as how many steps we should keep, what’s the hierarchy and so on.

I’ve tried my Golu to be kind of interactive by adding some notes to each step which looks like they’re sharing some message with us.

I’ve also tried to link the concept from one step to another and created like a story or sequence.

Here are the excerpts from each step:

Background : green to represent earth and greenery.
Wall decor : blue to represent sky

Step 0(ground) : grass and all the little creatures(1sense till 5 senses) like animals, flowers, birds, insects, gomatha, creatures living inside water bodies etc.

Message : could we also share the planet with you guys, please?

5 little ducks and 1 mother duck to represent, even they are following Amma(Ambal)

1st step: Ambal Kalasam with hand crafted face(on paper)

Message: how our Ambal protects us

2nd step : humans(with 6 senses) representing us as a social animal.

Message : how we complicate our life with just that extra sense.

3rd step : 7 sense Gurus(Gnanigal)

Message : how they’re are genius and share the knowledge with us to eliminate darkness

4th step : siva kudumbam but Ambal is missing

Message: Ambal has gone for outing with her friends to Boologam for celebrating Navratri. Lord Siva feels lonely and rants that it’s Sivaratri for him.

5th step : Aandal, perumal, Radha Krishna

Message : Godly love. The love that’s eternal.

6th step: Lakshmi, Ganapathi, Kubera Lakshmi

Message : Shubh-Labh

7th step : 3 Devis

Message : “We” for Victory.

Left side(setup) : stackable dolls of Siva kudumbam, Ramar kudumbam with Perumal.

Message: members of Vanavaas, Kailaas with Srinivas.

Right side(setup) : lord Krishna with Maa yashodha and Radha

Message : I can steal both butter and your heart.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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