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From the residence of Gomathi.R (myself) I heartily present my kolu with the concept "Vinnilum Mannilum" meaning "In the Universe beyond and on the Earth among us". I have been keeping Kolu for 30+ years with varied themes and this year the theme chosen is so related to the current situation and mind of all devotees.

During this tough times all had one in common "Hope". This belief of hope and trust is none other than the supreme Himself. He manifests to help us in various forms as a first responder, doctor, neighbour, children, parents and so on. As Annamayya says "Entamatramuna Evvaru Talacgina anta maathramuney neevu" meaning "in whatever forms one think the God (Brahmam) to be He presents Himself before us in that form".
Such a supreme God is omnipresent everywhere around us is the representation of my kolu. Each lyrics of Annamayya can be seen represented in the Kolu depicting the antharameaning.

"koluturumimu vyshnavuloo koorimitO vishnudanee palukuturoomimu" - For Vaishnavas he is Tirumala Vishnu form.

"palukuturoomimu vedaantulu parabrahma vanusu" - For Learnt scholars he shows himself as parabrahmam as hayagreeva or Devi Gayathri

"talaturumimu shaivuloo takina bhaktulanoo shivudanusoo" - For Shaivaites he isShiva from Kailash

"alaripokaTuturu kaapaaliku laadibhyravundanusoo" - For kapalikas he is showing himself as ellai Swami.

"sarinennuturu shaaktEyuloo
shaktiroopu neevanusu" - For Shakthaits that Lord is Goddess of all forms as being represented in this Kolu.

The God as we believe and Hope manifests himself in various forms "Vinnilum Mannilum".

May all be blessed with abundance of Health Wealth Happiness Love and Success through that Almighty Blessings!!

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