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Geetha Sudharsan

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During Navaratri we decorate our house with God and Goddess in nine steps traditional Golu, this brings in blessings and divine. Feeling really proud to say this, that we are celebrating the golu festive for past 42 years now at our house. This year the theme is around Mylapore Temple's festival the "63 Nayanmars" and "Gods doing agriculture on earth".

63 Nayanmars:
A group of 63 saints devoted to Lord Shiva who come outside temple once a year. To depute this occasion, we have created handmade chariot and temple setup to show the procession of 63 saints around the 4 streets of Mylapore.

God's Agriculture:
Considering agriculture is the main source of food for all of us, we have deputed a special place in our golu to bring in the importance of farming. The special thing here is all main God and Goddess have come down to earth to doing farming.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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