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Dr Meera Ragavan

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Golu and Navarathri is a tradition which our families have been following from time immemorial
It’s a nostalgic occassion as in childhood days our house will be teaming with visitors and we will dress up and visit various homes for Golu
My mother used to keep an elaborate Golu . My mother in law follows the same tradition and our household has a beautiful elaborate Golu too
Have been keeping Golu even while living in Manchester Uk for nearly 13 years and was such an occassion for all our friends to get together and Celebrate the Divine Feminine
The tradition continues This year theme is based on all the Divya dreams and Perumal who have been sung and celebrated by Thirumangai azhwar Hence the theme Kaliyan kanda kalvan
A small display of all activities we were engaging during lockdown has also been presented as Kaliyugam kanda Korona

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