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Dhanalakshmi chandrasekaran

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Hello from Pondicherry, Dhanlakshmi. We're happy to report that we've been celebrating Navarathiri Kolu for 40 years.
We continue to use the original 9-step process.
Every creature is indicated by every stage.
Plants are first, then we retain the sangu. fourth reptiles third birds fifth animals the sixth human Ragavendra, the seventh Buddha, was spiritually enlightening. Eight Devargal and Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi in the final vinayagar.
This year, Amman is decorated to resemble the Meenatchi Pattabhishekam Vaibhogam celebration that takes place in Madurai.
The theme we portray in someone else's work is kadai elu vallalgal.
Pari, Pegan,ori, Kari, Athiyamaan, Aii, and Nalli all gave their possessions as a form of sacrifice for their people. similar to how a creeper plant must climb.
He gives the plant the chariot.
Ori gave the people his kingdom.
Kari gave the needy individual his horse.
Pegan gave the peocock that was suffering from the bad weather his clothes.
Avaiyyar received a rare Amla fruit from Athiyaman.
Nalli put a blue stone to the lingam that the snake had given him.
Aii gave the tribal people his land as a gift.
For the children's amusement during the festival and to teach them moral lessons about agriculture, we created several farming activities.
I appreciate you all providing me the chance to compete in this event.

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