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Deepa Kannan

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United States

Name : Deepa Kannan
Location: Texas, USA

First and foremost , I would like to thank you all for this wonderful initiative. This opportunity motivated me to bring out some innovation. I’m extremely happy to be celebrating the festival every year with almost devotion and love. Golu has been my favorite celebration since childhood and it brings out so much memories with family. Every year Golu theme has been more of story telling concept. This year we have 8 concepts/theme.

Decor Theme - Lights, flowers, colorful festive vibe backdrop

2023 Golu Theme of the year
1.Traditional 5 step Golu
2.Kalviya? Selvama? Veerama?
3.The Rise of bommai Golu - History of how and when bommai golu concept was initiated
4.Nava Durga - Handmade by me
5.Shiva Mahimai - Thiruvilayadal concept
6.Good over Evil - Tribute to the Indian Chess Champion Pragyananda to represent India in World Cup final. We have displayed good things on one side and bad things on another side of the chess board . Wanted to convey this good vs bad concept in the form of a sport to make it reach to the kids.
8.Chandrayaan-3 India's proud moment

All the decorations and some of the dolls are made by me . My 2 year daughter was of great help and she enjoyed creating everything and involved herself in the entire process. I’m so happy and glad that being in the US I’m still able to incorporate all customs and teach my daughter from a very young age. Thank you for the opportunity and hope you all like our Golu.

Nandri vanakkam 🙏🏻

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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