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Chitra Ramchandran

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Happy Navarathri everyone. Thank you for inviting me for 2nd year gobal Golu Contest. |My name is chitra Ramchandran from Calgary Canada .I have been arranging the theme based Golu since 2011.Every year different theme mythology based. Through these Golu representations I come to learn a lot about Indian traditions beliefs and culture. This is very good platform to exhibit our talents and creativity staying thousands of miles across our Indian continent

This year's Golu Theme is Vahanas Of Celestial Gods and Goddess. Each god has a specific vahana and reason, for chose of the animal or bird. or Nara E.g Ganesh has the mouse as his vahana.Once Gajamukha a ganadharva who was blessed with a boon from Lord Shiva to be invincible by anyone. He created lot of troubles to all mankind due to his mighty powers.He could disguise himself in any form such as a mouse.Lord shiva directed Lord Ganesh to protect the people from this dangerous demon. Tired of his destruction, Later Lord Ganesh showed his powers to mushika and made him his vehicle .There are many stories and anecdotes' to the choice of the vahanas by the gods and Goddess.Yama has water buffalo ,Lakshmi the Owl and the name some,
Thank you everyone ,please view my Golu and I will very happy to know the comments. I have posted a video for better viewing.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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