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Chitra Ramchandran

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My name is Chitra Ramchandran, resident of Calgary Canada for the past 24 years. I am originally from Mysore Karnataka India.
I grew up in India celebrating Dasara Gombe Habba as a child. I moved to middle east and then immigrated to Calgary Canada
24 years ago, since 7years ago I started to use themes for my Gombe arrangement. To name some, Nava Vidha bhakthi,Mythology by numbers, arupadi veedu, Dasa Avathara etc. This is my first time to enter into a Golu competition.
I got inspired with theme golu, watching lots of you tube videos from various participants. I also had the opportunity to watch some of the amazing Golu of the sponsored by Mrs. Shanthi Seshadri of Jakarta Indonesia.

This year Golu theme, Chathusashti kalas and 14 vidyas of ancient India. The mastery of as many as, 64 traditional arts known as the chausath kalas formed as the important basis in the development of a cultured individual in many parts of India. Bhagawan Sri krishna Balarama and Sudama went to guru Sandipani to learn all these kalas and vidyas in 126 days. For a normal person it would take two and half years to accomplish.

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