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United States

Golu Theme: Small and Innovative Golu

We as a family of three, are recent immigrants to the state of California, US, from Palakkad, Kerala. The fond memories of celebrating Navrathri bomma golu, in past years, entrusted the quest in me to search for all the colorful clay bommais, which I have seen growing up at my home and at my in-laws. Inaccessibility and meager space availability to bring the divine court of goddess to home, we sparkled up an innovative idea of a compact, cute, wall hanging bommai golu, for navrathri this time.

So this year, I have arranged a mini, completely handmade , 12-inch, Golu Padis, made out of white foam board sheets. The colorful figurines of gods and goddesses are decoupaged on air dry clay, cut out and nicely arranged in each of the five steps. Each idol is about 2-inch in size, and recalls back all the bommais connected with Hindu mythology and legends. The handmade woollen flower garland and mini clay thaamboolam, adds to the creation.

I am blessed to showcase the art and cultural aspect of this beautiful festival, to the people around me, by connecting to my roots and tradition. Though distance to my home is inevitable, I feel proud to carry on the family heirloom, with something interesting .
I hope you all like it. Come home for Navrathri Golu. May Navrathri 2021 enroute happiness, health and prosperity to all.
Thank You🙏

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