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Asha Devi

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The Main concept of our Golu for the year 2022 is " NAVA BAKTHI". It symbolizes the nine types of devotions and the divine characters corresponding to each.
1. SHRAVANAM - The art of listening and having a connect with God ( The story of king Parikshit son of Abhimanyu).
2. KEERTHANAM- Devotion through songs (Meera).
3.SAKIYAM- Devotion through friendship ( The story of lord krishna and kuselan).
4.DHASIYAM- Devotion by serving the lord ( The story of shree Hanuman the greates devotee of lord Rama).
5.ARCHANAM- Devotion through conducting poojas (Poojas performed by people to get the blessings from god).
6.SMARANAM- Devotion through faith and constantly thinking about god (The story of Prahaladhan and lord narasimhan).
7.PADHA SEVANAM- Devotion by serving the god (Goddess lakshmi devotion and love for lord vishnu).
8.AATHIYA NIVEDHANAM- Devoting our life to god ( The story of Andal who wishes to marry lord vishnu and mixes with god in the form of light).
9.VANDHANAM- The devotion of worshipping gods in the temple ( Commoners worshiping gods coming around the town through chariots).
We are blessed to continue keeping Golu for 3 generations and our dolls are back in all their splendor every year for the past 40 years. The true joy of keeping a Golu in our home is to share the blessings of goddess Durga to everyone who visits our doors. It is a festival where our scriptures and Vedas are brought to life through the art of story telling through our dolls.

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