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Archana Arun

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Namaskaram Everyone,

I am Archana Arun from Bangalore. We keep Navarathri Golu every year. This year we have arranged the dolls in 7 steps along with the theme Trichy, Srirangam – Ranganatha swami Temple which has a lot of historic, traditional and mythological values.

We have put our maximum efforts to recreate the temple's architecture, pillars, gopurams & many more significant places of the great ancient temple. We have used termacol as the base to bring the temple structure.

Another special point to highlight is Goddess Lakshmi decorated/dressed upon the lamp.

Here is the YouTube Link of our Golu video :

The temple have several important spots with rich significance like

1. Pallikonda perumal and Lakshmi in Vaikundam
2. Periya perumal (Ranganathar)Sannadhi
3. Ranganayaki Thayar Sannadhi
4. Garudar Sannadhi
5. Azhagia Manavaalan, Nam Perumal
6. Dhanvathri Sannadhi
7. 12 Alwars
8. Sculpted pillars at Shesharayar mandapam
9. 1000 Kal mandapam (Thousand pillar hall)
10. Chandra Pushkarni
11. Kothandaramar Sannadhi
12. Kambar Mandapam
13. Thulukachi Nachiyar Sannadhi
14. Sri Ramanujar Sannadhi
15. Rathothsavam
16. Vellai gopuram (the only white gopuram at Sri Ranganatha swamy temple)
17. Marappachi decorated as serthi sevai in srirangam Ranganatha swami temple as Sri Nam Perumal and Sri Thaayar during” Panguni Thirunaal Vaibhavam”.
18. You may also see Goddess Durga decorated on lamp.
19. Ranganayaki Thayar procession

Thanks for watching & Happy Navaratri!

Best Wishes
Archana Arun
M:98457 82702
M:97417 84883

Golu Video:
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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