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Aparna Kishore

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United States

Embracing Tradition and Technology: Leading the Journey Back to Our Roots, Guided by God's Sustainable Blueprint

Our Golu is designed to replicate a charmingly old-fashioned temple village. It harbors an eco-conscious heart, powered entirely by a community solar farm. This green initiative is further emphasized by the village's exclusive use of electric vehicles, both personal and shared, reducing CO2 emissions. Our village exemplifies sustainability, nourishing its inhabitants with organic farming that produces grains, pulses, vegetables, and fruits. In a progressive stride, we promote women empowerment: the village boasts a 'Women Owned, Women Operated (WoW)' Grammamville hotel with a community childcare center to support and empower working women. Although modern technology is embraced to safeguard Mother Earth, our village's soul remains deeply rooted in tradition. The temple stands as a beacon, alive with fervent prayers, rituals, and ceremonies. Adjacent to its sanctum, an annadhanam counter serves food to the devotees. It is surrounded by bustling shops and enlivened by cultural performances like Kathakali. Childhood innocence is palpable as kids immerse themselves in games of 'pandi'. Mothers cradle their little ones on their legs, giving them a gentle bath. When the young ones are hungry, food given from their mother's hands tastes even more delicious. Through it all, the village beats with a heart that cherishes both the past and the future.

For the past decade, I've been setting up Golu in my home. The dolls have a mix of traditional and personal touches. They are crafted from diverse materials like clay, wood, paper, foam boards, and paper mache. Some of these dolls have been shaped by my own hands, adding a unique and intimate touch to the collection. This year, however, is special. For the first time, I have centered my Golu around a distinct theme. My aim is to introduce my 5 year old to the rich tapestry of Indian civilization and our profound mythology. I want to spotlight the inherent beauty of Indian villages, while also stressing the need to respect and support women and harness technology to pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable tomorrow.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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