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Anuradha M R

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I have kept gollu starting from scenes in Ramayana. Going along, I have kept Satyanarayana , Ramanujacharya and his disciples, a village set, an upanayanam, marriage and marriage lunch set, a school set. Also there is Krishna leela along with Gopika strees, amrutha mantham, srinagar ranganatha swamy, dakshinamurthy andal birth and her adoration for Lord Krishna. On the stands there is display of Nava Narasimha, ashta Lakshmi, dashavathara, pattada bombe,bheem Anjaneya, gundappa and Gundam and our Great Mysore Palace with the dasara procession.
There is also Prahalada Narasimha episode, ghatodgaja and my son's favorite Ganesha cricket set.

I may not have a particular theme. But I am sure I have kept it both mythological and some vocals of our daily lives.

I have been keeping gollu from 2012 for my son's sake. It all started with his toys. Keeping dolls has developed an interest in my son wo is 12 years now.
I hope he would be able to continue this tradition.

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