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Anjanisarma Volety

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United Kingdom

Hello dear Judges and all organising panel members, wishing you all a very happy Navaratri. MYy name is Anjani, and I'm from Wales UK. I'm really excited to participate in this golu competition. Its my second time participation in Saptavarna competitions.Last year I participated in kolostavam.
Now coming to the point, its my first time golu in my whole life. I have been seen somany golus in childhood but after that I never seen any. So literally it's my first golu.
I don't have any proper golu toys as it is my first one, but got all the enthusiasm. So I decided to do myself all the toys.


I made 95% of my golu toys, only 5%are shop bought. I tried to add making video but bcoz of 3 min video restriction I tried my level best to add some background work pics.
I used clay, old cloth, plastic bottles, glass jars, laces, cardboard, kids unused toys what not😀.
The final result made me emotional and confident to participate.
I made sofa sets, mama maami, Balaji, loads of sweets, fruits, veggies, all the old traditional kitchen utilities, utensils,. I turned my lil girl's barbies in to Indian bahamas 😀.Made a cardboard mandir fir Balaji, and cloth elephants.
Made flowers with paper.
Step1:In the first step I arranged 2 ganesha idols one is plaster of Paris one and the navadhabya ganesha in the both sides of handmade Balaji's face. Outside 4 handmade rajasthan elephants.
Step 2:-In the second step I arranged little Krishna on the handmade unjal, and radhakrishna under the handmade umbrella. 2 hand made diyas.
Step3:In the third step I arranged two barbies with sweets and haldi kumkuma trays on hands on the both sides of the maama maami surrounded by our traditional food and snacks.
Step4:In the fourth step I arranged traditional handmade kitchen with all the kitchen stuff and old trantional stone grinder etc. And bommai saare with wooden toys.
Step 5:-In the fifth step I arranged modern kitchen with Western food on dining table and a living room scene.
Righthand side country side cottage and railway track with train. And the opposite side handmade sofa set with toys.
Step6:In the sixth step arranged two barbies who are turned into proper Indian Bhamas with flowers and welcome trays in hand. In between them handmade kolam design and with peacock deepa
Step7:-The last one I covered the step with flower garland and kept bowl of water filled with flowers for a please to welcome invites.
The seven steps represents the seven hills and the Balaji face in main mandir

Hope my hardwork will please you all.
Thanking you for giving me a chance to show my enthusiasm in this wonderful platform
Thanks to you SAPTAVARNA 🙏.

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