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Aishwarya Natarajan

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Namaskaram from Bait'ul Vittala Family!!!

With God's blessings we have been keeping Golu for nearly 32 years and this year's theme is *Ekashlokam*

Our Golu is primarily divided into three sections and a speciality art form

1. Main golu - a traditional 7 step Golu showcasing all our ishta devatha

2.Theme Golu -
Part 1 - Adi Shankarar's *Ekasholki*
Part 2 - Tulsidas's *Ekasholki Ramayanam* - Depicting Each scenes of Ramayana
Part 3 - *Ekasholki Bagavatham* - Krishna Leela as per Bagavatham.
Part 4 - *Ekasholki Baratham* - Mahabharat scenes
Part 5 - *Ekam Shivam*- depicted Shiva in numbers
Pancha bhootha sthalam
Pancha sabhais
AsHta Disai lingam
12 Jyothirlingam
4 saiva naalvargals and thier story

Part 6 - *Ekam Tamizh*
When it's Tamil it's all about Lord Murugan and his Thiruvilayadal showcasing Avvai sutta pazham , Arunagirinadhar's padal kaatchi
And to conclude the famous fiction written excellently by Kalki - Ponniyin Selvan

3. The interdependence of Man and Animals.

We have displayed our collections across three rooms explaining each concepts. And also some of the dolls are longer than 50 years old , we don repaint or retouch that often and we tend to maintain the originality of the dolls and respect the creators.
Further each year the dolls don lose their lustre because we wrap them properly infact all our attic is dedicated for preserving these treasures

This year's new addition - we have a beautiful creation of Raghumayee sitting in the lap of Lord Panduranga and Soor Das sitting across Krishna followed by Shiva's Andha Thandavam and Bageerathan's penance.

Every year we depict one of India's art form and on the day of Dasami we perform that art form to our Apartment kids. And this year it's Rajasthan fabled "Kavad " a rich story telling art dating 400 years ago perfomed by great community of folks in Rajasthan.


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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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