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Aarthi Sarvabhowman

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United States

Theme: Traditional board games
Our Golu 2023 themed " Traditional board games" - a topic that started when our 4 yr old took a keen interest in playing board games. I thought why not combine her interest and golu theme this year.
I wanted to build a life-size "Paramapadam" game board and designed the same as 3 steps to imitate the golu padi. Its fully built from scratch using wood as a free-standing structure and supporting the weight of bommais. The ladders were also custom hand-made . I tried to include our mythological stories for the vices (snakes) and virtues (ladder). The game really establishes the fact that to attain our aim (destiny/ God's feet-100), we must avoid any snakes or negativity as they bring down while ladders as positive values, help reach our destination closer.
6 Virtues
Generosity- kanakadhara, Helpful- Squirrel for Rama setu, Faith- Aandal, Focus- Arjuna, Wisdom- Murugan,
Determination- Eklavya
7 vices
Arrogance-Hiranyaksha, Pride- Mahabali, Jealousy- Raghu Ketu, Anger- Kamsa, Lust- Ravana, Greed- Bakasurasa, Laziness- Kumbakarna
There is also a Vinayakar playing cricket set in lieu of the world cup currently happening. I have also displayed an Indian village depicting few daily routine, a market, a temple. I have also arranged few board games, that one can see etched in various temple floors. Traditional board games- Lot of these games helps to make Maths concept interesting and more easily understandable for our children, and also focus on logical thinking. These games can also be played with easily available materials at home.
The ones I have displayed are:
Daadi (Nine Men Morris)
Nava KanKari (Tic Tac Toe)
Aadu pulli attam (tiger-goat game)
Dayam (Ludo or Pachisi)
Carrom board
Lastly, my daughter wanted to include a LEGO village, which she has been building slowly since March.

DIYs: Whole paramapadham game board with snakes and ladder and dayam
Two village houses with cow shed, well and vadaam making ladies.
Panchayat scene
Raghu-Ketu temple
Jewellery/ cosmetic cart in market
Miniature versions of the board games
Sangu-chakram on wall with Mandapam around Perumal mugham.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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