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Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories

Mrs.Santhoshi Sriram

Mrs.Santhoshi Sriram, is a passionate woman who started making Jewellery using Semi-Precious beads. She started selling her handmade Jewellery to her friends and relatives. Her jewellery designs were loved by many and soon, she got many customers. She learnt Fashion Jewellery making and Terracotta Jewellery through Sapthavarna’s online classes. She started making customized jewellery for her clients which attracted a lot of people. Santhoshi shares with us the challenges she has faced and the secret of her success.

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Tell us about your business

Hand made semiprecious beads jewellery

What are the challenges faced in your business?

I couldn’t make many customers in the beginning and was not confident about the price, quality etc in the beginning.Then I realised that my design was loved by many and slowly got many customers.

What is the secret of your success?

Patience ,interest, passion, love for the work.

What classes did you learn at Sapthavarna Creations?

Terra-cotta and beads jewelry making.i was frequently asking doubts

How did Sapthavarna Creations help/inspire you to setup/expand your business?

I was frequently asking doubts with my teacher.She explained everything, anytime she was ready to help.From sourcing raw materials to teaching different patterns, was very helpful.Even today, she clears my doubt.It was a great support for me and very encouraging.

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