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Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories

Mrs. Papitha Sekar

Papitha, who lives in Norway, began her journey in business in 2014. She started "Shri's Jewellery Boutique", an online shop for Fashion Jewellery. Her exclusive designs attracted many people. Her signature pattern, "Waterfall Necklace" mesmerised many. She joined Sapthavarna Team in 2015 and have conducted classes in Fashion Jewellery. She has also conducted a lot of classes for kids in Norway. After a short time, Papitha started catering business on her own under the name "Shri's food",which caters Indian food in Norway. She is a proud owner on two successful business now. Papitha shares with us the challenges she has faced to establish this business and her secret of success.

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Tell us about your business

Shris jewelry Boutique is an online shop that sells handmade beaded jewelry. Designs can be customized according to customer requirement. Its vision is to make every women more beautiful. About, Shris Food, it’s a small catering service, which delivers Indian food to people who loves Indian food. Vision is to provide homemade Indian food to satisfy your taste bud.

What are the challenges faced in your business?

Initially its very difficult to get customers, then I have started selling my products some online stores, it doesn't work. Then did some research on markets. Finally joined Facebook group here name 'handmade in Norway', participated in many markets and also local area markets to sell Jewelry and food.

What is the secret of your success?

Hard work, unique design. Be active in social media. Promoting business in social media. Family support is the main thing i would say. What ever product you design, think from customer point of you , like if you are a customer will you buy this product or not, then its easy to satisfy your customer requirement. Be polite with your customer even they are rude.

What classes did you learn at Sapthavarna Creations?

Jute Jewelry and Polymer Clay Miniature

How did Sapthavarna Creations help/inspire you to setup/expand your business?

Pavithra is a such a nice person and good of friend of mine who always motivate me to lean new things.

I always wonder how she manage her business and family well. Good role model.We used to speak a lot, she is one who has suggest me to start catering business, I started and its going successfully.

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