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MOONG dhal idli

Moong dhal idli

An easy and healthy alternative breakfast or idli recipe.It is perhaps one of the easy idli recipes as it is made with just moong dal batter without any urad dal and fermentation. The dish can be consumed by itself as it does contain all the necessary spices in it, can be served with green chutney, sambar or yogurt.

Moong Dal is a protein rich lentil. This Moong Dal Idli is a no-rice, Protein-rich Idli variety. Out of all lentils Moong Dal is rich in protein and is very healthy for even babies. Dal is soaked, ground to thick batter and enhanced with tempering, veggies. The batter is then poured into Idli plates and steam cooked for 15 mins to get soft and puffy Moong Dal Idli. I have used the yellow split moong dal but we can also use whole or split green moong.

These Dal Idlis

✔are made with 2 types of lentils only.

✔no rice!

✔are vegan and gluten-free.

✔make a protein rich breakfast/lunch option.

Anybody trying to lose weight knows that it's important to have low-fat foods, but it's also important to have proteins and fiber. Proteins are required to provide ample energy to the body to stay active. Proteins and fiber also keep the stomach feeling full for a longer time, preventing binge eating.

Nutritional benefit-

One cup of cooked moong dal has

147 calories,
1.2 g of total fat, 28 mg of sodium,
12 g of dietary fiber,
3 g of sugar and
25 g of protein per serving.
It is a good source of protein and is in low in carbohydrates.


1.Soak the moong dhal for 2 –3 hours.

2.Grind the dhal into a fine paste, adding as little water as possible.

3.Add curd to the batter and mix well.

4.Put a kadai in the gas and add 2 tbsp of oil for tempering.

5. Once the oil is hot add, mustard seed.

6.When the mustard seed cracks, add chilli and ginger.

7.Then add the choosen vegetable and fry for 1-2 min.

8.Put the mixtrue in the batter, add salt and mix well.

9.Oil the idli plate.

10.Before pouring the batter add 1 tsp of baking soda into the batter and mix well.

11.Pour the batter and steam for 15 min.

Take the idli and can be eated as such or with sambar, chutner or yogurt.😋😃


1 cup moong dhal
2 tbsp of grated carrot
Any vegetable of choice can bbe used like cabbage, spinach, capsicum etc.
Salt as required.
1/4 cup curd- for sour taste, can be omitted.
1 tsp baking soda
oil,mustard, green chilli, ginger ( as requried), curry leaves for tempering.
coriander - chopped - 2 tbsp

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