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Manish Ramaiah - United Kingdom

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Steamed corn-peas served with chilli potato sticks

To start with grind the corn & peas to a paste separately and place in separate bowls.Mix it with ginger garlic paste,cinnamon-clove powder,green chilli paste and salt.
After mixing, make small balls of green peas mixture paste and little bigger size of corn mixture.
Take the corn mixture and pat it on your palm,then place the green peas ball on top of it and cover all over by corn mixture leaving some space on top as shown in the picture.
Make about 6 of these and steam it in a steamer for about 10-12 mins.

Take the potato cuboids and boil them with some salt water mixed with chilli powder,cumin powder and turmeric.
In a pan, add two spoons of oil,then add the chopped onion and fry them until golden brown.Add the remaining ginger garlic paste, chilli powder,oregano and soy sauce. Add little salt and add the boiled potato cuboids.
Mix well.

Then place the steamed corn- peas balls on the chilli tomato chutney and chilli potato sticks as shown in the picture.
Garnish with spring onions and relish.


1 small cup corn
1 small cup green peas
1 big size potato deskinned & chopped into long cuboids
1 onion chopped
1 spoon chilli powder
A pinch of turmeric
2 spoons of ginger-garlic paste
1/4 spoon of cinnamon& clove powder
Little Cumin powder
Half spoon of soy sauce
Half spoon oregano
Spring onions & dry fried vermicelli for garnishing
Salt to taste

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Golu Photo 3
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