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Dheeptha Sathyan - United Kingdom

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Slow Fermented Whole Wheat, Multigrain Seeded Bread

One day before prep the old dough - Take 50gms of flour, 80gms of water, 1gm salt and 1gm yeast.Make a dough and ferment it overnight in fridge.

Next day measure the flours, add wheat bran and wheat germ, salt.
Measure tepid water and grain Soaker water to 290gms and add 1gms yeast, Poolish and malt syrup and mix well to dissolve everything.

Add this to the flours and make a dough.Half way thru the process add half of the soaked grains.Mix well.Then add rest of the grains.
Make a soft dough.Rest it until it doubles This may take 2-3hrs.

When bulk fermentation is complete bring the dough to work surface and shape it to a Boule.
Rest the Boule in a banetton until doubled in size.

Once doubled bake in a dutch oven at 200C for an hour.

No added gluten, No added flour softener, No added fat, No bread improver.

The slow proofing method helps to reduce the content of yeast and makes it light on the gut.The soaking of the nuts allows them to absorb more moisture and helps in easy digestion.


Whole-wheat Flour 300gms
WholeMeal Flour 200gms
Yeast 2gms
Whole Wheat Bran and Wheatgerm 50gms.
Grain Soaker - 100gms Pumpkin Seeds, Flax seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds, Seasme-White and Black seeds
Organic Malt syrup -10gms.
Himalayan Pink salt 10gms

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