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This Year,s Golu Theme- "As you like it."

1.My Mother in Law love: Lord Krishna and Village. Hence, she made village set up and Krishna leela( events from krishna's childhood);
2. My Wife spent much of her lockdown time in making miniature Grocery products ( which are all available in the super market) and hence she did the super market set.
3. My Son loves Jungle and wildlife. Hence he did Jungle set up.

The specialty about Golu set up is most of the materials are waste papers/ Pizza box and card boards. All are home and hand made by my Mother in Law and my wife.

This Golu represents inclusive acceptance of everyone's idea and wish to create something new.

Joy of creating something you love and seeing in our own eyes gives a sense of satisfaction. It is a satisfactory Golu for us amidst Pandemic.


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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3