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Wish you all a Happy Navarathri.Ours is a 5 Room Golu with the themes as given below:

Traditional Golu in the Hall & Welcome Golu at the entrance of the House with Amman Alangaram.

Stories & Celebrations :

Krishna Leelai with paintings drawn for backdrop as per the story
Krishna & Radha Kolam
Ramayana Stories -From Birth till Pattabhishegam with hand made & customized dolls & paintings for backdrop & story based theme
Birth of Muruga,Ayyappan,Vinayagar & Hanuman & depictions of scenes from Mythology Stories


How Navarathri is celebrated across India Theme-depiction of celebrations & focus on Celebrations in South India
North India -Ram Leela
South India-Golu
West India-Dandia & garba Celebrations
East India-Durga Puja & Pandal Festival
South India's famous Navarathri Celebrations-Mysore Dasara & Tirupathi Navarathri Brahmothsvam depiction

Nostalgia-Earlier & Now/Village Vs City & How Life has Changed post Covid Theme:

Depiction of Village & City Life
We have displayed how life has changed now compared to Earlier with Dolls & depiction of Old Vs New
How Covid has changed us -Going back to Vanakkam,earlier practices & what we miss nowadays ( Eatables,Things we used,played & Gadgets now etc)
We have also shown Life now on Social Distancing,Masks ( dolls wearing masks),using Sanitizers,Immunity Boosters,Handwash & Corona Virus ( masks for dolls ,corona virus doll made by my kids)
A salute to Covid Warriors ( Doctors,Health care Workers,Police,NGOs ) as a tribute is also depicted in the Golu.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3