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Golu 2020
Each year is unique and has its own sweet memories attached to it.  As we (myself and my husband)  started preparing for this year’s Golu, we decided not to go with any theme but to highlight our thoughts around the latest purchase – the “Vahanams” (Vehicles) of Perumal and the beautiful, divine “Amman” doll that we recently got from NJ.
Looking at our collection of dolls, we decided to display them as 3 parts. First one being exclusive to the goddesses about which this festival is all about. We placed them on the right side choosing the traditional red colour to display them. And for the left hand side we chose orange as in Heraldry (which is a science and the art that deals with the use, display of hereditary symbols and Navarathri is the display of our heritage) this colour displays the symbolic strength and endurance.  Based on Arjuna’s description of Vishwa Roopam in Bhagavad Gita , “Aneka Bahudhara Vaktra Nethram, Pashyami tvam Sarvato nanta Rupam”, We displayed the maginificent Vishwaroopam on this side. This form of Perumal possesses six qulaities of which infinite strength is foremost. And Arjuna further says that this form of Perumal is, “diptanalarka – dyutim aprameyam” that his effulgence is blazing like sun in all directions. And to highlight that effulgence the Soorya Prabhai and Chandra prabhai  vahanams (Both are considered vahanams in any Uthsavam) were displayed on either side of Viswaroopma.
We chose blue colour for the middle segment as it is the primary color across space and symbolises stability, serenity and wisdom. We decided to have the rest of our collection on this segment. The ordinary mortals were placed on the lower levels and deities at a higher level. This is to bring out the fact that we have align our life to the standards set by Vedas and grow spiritually  in which going to temples, taking part in Uthsavams , worshipping deities in various forms plays a major role. The Vahanams have been aligned on the sides one in each level just to bring out the fact that there are different Vahanams for Perumal every day in a Uthsavam.
Thus the fundamental principle that Perumal along with Mahalakshmi by imparting the right knowledge by way of sastrams oversees every aspect our life in order to align us in the spiritual mode and this was my idea behind this arrangement in 2020.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3