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Golu has been a very important tradition and is close to my heart since my childhood days. It is one of the most exciting season of the year that we look forward to it , every year.

After my wedding in 2011, I have been keeping Golu for the past 9 years in the UK.
And my son Prithvi absolutely loves it and enjoys narrating lots of stories behind the bommais. I initially started off with 3 steps and then added lots of bommais over a period of time.

This year, I have kept a 7 padi Golu. It includes a range of bommais starting from Lord Ganesha, Swami Ayyappan, Shri Krishna, Guruvayurappan,Hanuman, Paandurangar set, Dasavatharam set, Ashtalakshmi set, Marupaachi dolls, chettiar bommai, vegetables/ fruits, sangeetha mumoorthigal and many more.

Theme 1:
* Kalyanam (South Indian) - comprising of Jaanavaasam, Kalyanam, Saddhya / Chaapaadu, Sumangali puja, and Temple.
Theme 2:
* Village / household activiites ( Nostalgia/ childhood memories)
Theme 3:
* Krishna Uriyadi set along with Krishna's Raasleela
* Rajasthani set
* Kadorkajan set
* Cricket set displayed by my son
* Jungle Theme Park , made by my son.

Also I have designed a Durga with beads and Beads - Rangoli and also very own traditional kolam.
Apart from this, I always keep a Mini Golu in my Pooja , with all the mini versions of few Gods who have made my Golu journey an incredible success every year!

We welcome you to our Virtual Golu and Vethala Paaku , Happy Navratri to all!

Jai Mata Di
Jai Ambe Ma
Jai Ho

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3