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Our house dasara gombe/ golu-
We are from Bangalore, Karnataka residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from past 15 years.
I started keeping gombe in little larger scale 5 years back.
My theme this year is-
Our house main deity is lord Shiva which is on the first step is 35 years plus old idol. This is g8ven by my parents to me.

On main gombe 6 steps - I have Shiva family - Depicting Shiva challenging Lord Ganesha and Subramanya to go around the world 3 times for a mango - you can see mango in Shivas hand, Kailasa set, Durga, Annapoorneshwari, Lord Rama and Ramayana's few glimpses like Rama hugging Nishabd Raja, Kevat the boat man washing Ramas feet, Golden deer set , Rameshwar set, Hanuman carrying The Dronagiri mountain for Sanjeevani herb,
Dashavathara, mohini avathara set, Balaji and padmavathi, Kubera set, Varaha swami, Desikar,Tirupati nama dwara, Ashtalaksmis, Veda vyasa reciting Mahabharatha to Lord Ganesha, Ganesha in different styles, Gurus - Sai baba, raghavendra swami and Adi Shankaracharya, 3 maestro of carnatic music, nataraja, gauri ganesha and pattada gombe, goddess Lakshmi in the first step from bottom.
On to the left of my main gombe -
Mysore Dasara procession, and pongal and harvesting and village sets.
On to the left of main golu- From top-
Marriage set, Satyanarayana swami set, pallaki, Srimantha set, Birthday set, Shashti Poorthi set, and Bhojana in both kids style and south indian style.
Bottom part-
Sri Athivaradhar Swami temple Kanchi and Sriranganatha,
Temple compound and temple street depicting all the beautiful shopkeepers around .
Than we have Autorickshaw stand, Market place- Vegetable seller, ice cream seller, Bhel puri and peanut seller, vegetable sellers, street food shops.
On top of temple street - We have depicted community helpers -
Police Station, fire station, Hospital, court house, newspaper stall, post office, tailor shop, diner and vehicles on the street.
On the Village side-
We have houses and women busy with daily chores and household activities with children. Like rangoli, pappad making, vessel washing, cloth washing, cloth line, vada making, idli dosa making, ruce cleaning, water fetching from borewell, well, women nursing her baby.
Next to compounded houses, we have school set up -
Kids going to school bus, studying about our history, freedom fighters, social reformets, board games, moral stories.
The next main theme us our Krishna theme of 4 steps -
Depicted Krishnas Geethopadesham, Krishna with matha Yashoda, Baby Krishna, govardhana giri set, putina mathana, Butter thief Krishna, Vasudeva carrying newborn Krishna, Kalinga marthana, Bhakasura vadhe, kamsa vadhe,
Cradle krishna, eating krishna, Krishna and friends, krishna and Sudhama hugging,
Krishna leela with gopikas.
Bottom part is Ghatokgaja eating food - Maya bazaar set.

On the right side of krishna steps..
Depicted Shettamma Shettappa grocery stores and vessels of differents kinds and veggies, fruits etc.
Traditional board games, tops etc..
Cricket set, parking lot, airport.
On the floor we have 3 trays, one has barn and farm set up, one is zoo and one is bird santuary.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3