Take a peek at Usha Sankaranarayanan's golu from India (+91)

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Tell us about your Golu

We are keeping Golu for more than 50 years in our house. Every year apart from the traditional golu we will set up different items. This year we have set the replica of Mylapore Saibaba temple with DHUNI on the left side of the traditional golu and on the right side we have set one Amman temple, Shiva temple and aerial view of Thiruvannamalai temple with Deepam on the top of the hill top. On the opposite side of the main golu we have set a cricket stadium with flood light, gallery and spectators, a karate school and a fountain. At the bottom of the main golu we have put one Teppakulam with a Mandapam at the centre. We have used throwaway plastic and thermocol items only for many of the side themes, and most of the items are our hand work only. We are proud to say that we are inspirational to many of our friends for putting Golu in their houses. By this we have indirectly helped in developing our culture.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3