Take a peek at Thilak Saravanan's golu from India (+91)

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This is our 10th year Golu. This year our concept is Varnashrama Dharma.The purpose of Varnashrama Dharma social system is to provide a structure allowing people to work according to their natural tendecies & to organize the society so that everyone regardless of their position, makes spiritual advancement.
So here dolls have been arranged based on the 4 Varnas: Brahmana, Kshathriya, Vaishiya,Sudra.....&4 Ashramas: Brahmachari, Grahastha, Vanaprastha,Sanyasi.
Also to remember the Damodar leela with deep meditation, it have been decorated separately with a Krishna.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3