Take a peek at THILLAINADESAN Kemala's golu from France (+33)

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Since I am living in France, it is the first time that I am doing a Golu. When I was living in Sri Lanka, it was a tradition for my family friends and I to do it together. It was always interesting and passionated to learn about it. It was really important to do it in France because it represents my past and root. I am extremely close to my culture.
I decided to do it, to first made a wood-stair to decorate my place. Then I decided to decorate it with some of all my old decorations but also to do some DIY ( do it yourself ).
I put all my heart and effort to do the best with this actual situation.
I am up to do in a more grandiose way in the future years.
I hope you enjoy it !
Take care

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3