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Golu for us means childhood sweet memories , smiles and laughter :) We keep this Golu to keep the child in us alive and the energy in us brimming! The pre- festivities of 7-10 days bring us together as a family and keeps our bond closer.
The Hero of our Golu this year is our cute little Ganapa who is the Vignahartha and he is the one who ensured that our Golu's have come so alive and vibrant.
We have kept our Golu in 2 sections, one is our traditional Raja and Rani (attire & jewels are handmade) who represent Able leadership and Prosperity to their subjects and then it follows with the 3 Devi's who represent Knowledge , Prosperity and Courage, 10 Avatara's of the supreme Lord and the man of Principles and fairness Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and other fun dolls which represents the childhood my children. We also have dolls which represent the Mysore Dussera Elephants and procession.
The 2nd section of our Golu has our favorite tradesmen Shetramma and Shetrappa (Gundappa & Gundamma) who holds a special place in every Golu arrangement in the Bangalore & Mysore region. After taking the onus of feeding everyone , this year Shretramma & Shetrappa have expanded their business to textiles where they are ready to dress up everyone!! :)
Now, our Ganapa will not only bless you for crossing hurdles but also will ensure you are Covid Free! Looks like only he has the access to vaccination which will relieve the world from the current pandemic! So please come over , our little Ganapa will not only give you free vaccination, he will also take you on a free ride to Mount Kilash which is Lord's Shiva's abode, then he will also treat you with Iyengar Momo's and tanda tanda Ice-creams in Smt. Salu Marada Thimakka's park! Join us in our Toys Land and let us welcome this Universal festival of Joy and happiness with all positivity and love for humanity! Hope this video and pictures will take you to your childhood! Happy Navaratri to all :)

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3